Ah, Progress

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Tameka Trice – Director of Nursing

Wilma - Physical Therapist – She will work with Jo approximately 30 to 35 minutes per day for five days a week for four weeks. The therapy will change as she progresses or does not progress however the amount of time will not. If Jo refuses to do therapy, they cannot force her too,. This comes from Tameka Trice and Wilma. However, I have told both of them if Jo refuses, to call me or a family member and we will be there to see that she does her therapy. Wilma suggested that when a family member comes in the morning, to notify the nurse to contact her and as soon as she finishes with the patient she is working with she will come and get Jo and the family member for therapy as long as the family member does not interfere with therapy. We will only be there to be sure Jo does what she needs to do.

I am willing to work with Jo in addition to her therapy, if I am allowed to do so. I do not have a degree in physical therapy. However I know enough to work with her and to get her motivated. I also know enough to keep from injuring her in the process. This would have to be agreed upon by everyone. I would have to begin immediately each morning after physical therapy with Wilma. This would come first. Give me three full days with Jo and she will be using the walker proficiently.

Showers are given for room 7 on Wednesday and Saturday. Jo went to the shower today and sat on shower stool and bathed herself according to Gwendolyn who was in charge of showers today. Beds are also changed on Wednesday and Saturday. After speaking with Tameka, arrangements were made for Jo to have a sponge bath on the days she does not have showers.

Her bandage is to be changed everyday. This was not being done because the order had not been written to do so. It will be changed from this point on daily.