I'm just 24 yr old guy and recently diagnosed with Diabetes. No i don't eat too much of sugar nor I love eating it. Its just that it is hereditary. My grand Ma has it, My mom is already facing many physical challenges due to diabetes, and also suffering from Open angle Glaucoma. But there are many things you just can't control and the best approach you can adopt for such things is hope and work for the best and prepared your mind to face the worst. So I'm taking lot of precautions in my diet and planned a regular exercise routine so as to avoid harmful effects of diabetes in early age.
But I worried for my mom, as she is facing too much problem in her joints because of regular pain and in eyes because of Glaucoma. The serious issue is she did not workout at all. She never jogs, never do yoga no matter how bad things can go. Even doctor told her but no help.
I really need some help who can tell me some tips or ideas which can motivate my mom, to do exercise and jogging.

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