Hi Depression!

After the past year, I absolutely know what the word "depression" means. I did things I never thought I would do. Oh no, I did not attack someone, nor did I rob a bank :) . But I never thought I would be so weak, feel so lonely... I'm not gonna bore you with details...

When I realised something's really wrong with me, I looked for a solution. I found lots of helpful websites, for example http://www.aware.ie/ . I'm surprised to see how many people are suffering from depression, thankfully my condition was not as bad as many others.

I learnt that focusing on a hobby you enjoy is the best treatment. It keeps your mind busy and it refreshens your mood. I did some basic yoga breathing exercises, which made me feel peaceful. Also I tried to do everything my psychologist advised.

Of course, I wouldn't mind to say farewell to my depression for good. But it's like an unexpected guest, who visits me every now and then unexpectedly. So instead of nagging about the visits, I learnt how to ignore it and act happily... Oh, is it the sound of the doorbell?.. :D