It seems as if Mom's primary caregivers accept that she is dying. Her in-home care has been switched from regular care to Hospice. This is an email that I just received. I feel such sadness. I know this is very challenging for some family members. Wish I could be there. Hope they know I am there in spirit.

11:57 AM
Greg to Family

At a meeting this morning attended by Steve, Louise, Greg, Jeanette, Jeremy, Mike, and, nominally, Mama, we agreed to put Mama under the care of Brightmoor Hospice. There is a booklet at the house describing the care that they provide, most of the attendees have one, and we’ve asked for a few more to distribute to others who want one. I sent information, including the URL on this hospice a week or so ago.

The transition from the current home health care provider should be accomplished within two days. There will be a continued need for someone at the house 24/7.

One very big change. Mama has consistently and for some time expressed, verbally and in writing, her wish not to be kept alive by artificial means, and not to be resuscitated should she become unresponsive. Brightmoor Hospice will have a directive to that extent, we have documents providing for this.

If you are with Mama, and she becomes unresponsive, DO NOT CALL 911. Call Brightmoor. There will be information posted on the refrigerator or cabinet, and possibly more information in the cabinet. The main thing is not to call 911, but the Brightmoor numbers posted. Make sure that if you are with Mama, and perhaps another person such as a son or daughter, cousin, or any other person, and you have to go out to your car to get your phone. . . make sure that they know this. Don’t assume that everything will be fine for two minutes. At some time, it won’t be fine.

Mama is dying. We don’t know when this will happen. One of us will likely be with her at the time. If for any reason you feel that you cannot be with her at that time, or that you cannot faithfully carry out your duties, now is the time to deal with that responsibly.

Once you have called Brightmoor, call others in the family as you think best. We’re all in this together.

I’ve attached a form given to us by Brightmoor, with some numbers on it. Consider this effective immediately.