I was diagnosed years ago and have been on medication. I'm trying to improve my health and recently I began to make changes, such as diet. Turning to 80 percent raw/living foods, I have purchased a Vita-Mix and learned to blend many different types of SuperFoods, (like Goji Berries), fruits and vegetables. I also use almond milk to add nutrients. This is all new information to me, yet I'm catching on fast. Organics are my first preference, as I'm trying to make certain I don't re-introduce toxins into my body. I'm taking Zeolites to help remove heavy metals from the thyroid, and using ionic foot baths to pull out more toxins. I purchased a water filtering systems to eliminate the chlorine, fluoride, etc from my water. Additionally, I joined local Meet-ups which concentrate on raw/living foods. The Meet-ups have potlucks, so I'm able to try new recipes and meet people who know so much more than I do about the raw food subject. Utube has many videos that are helpful.
Exercise has never been part of my life, but that is beginning to change also. I have started using a rebounder and exercise tapes, but when the weather improves I intend to replace the tapes with walking.
My goal is to become healthy and reduce or eliminate the medication. Time will tell if that is possible. My plan is subject to improvement/change as I am always learning new information. I'm always looking for suggestions, so please let me know if you have the same diagnosis and what has worked for you!
Thank you!