It's been a very stressful past few days

It's been a very stressful past few days. Waiting on my doctor's office to call me to set up the cardiologist appointment so I can get this right bundle block checked out and find out if it's something that could have to do with my open heart surgery. In the meantime, called my pharmacy to see if my neurologist had called in my prescriptions, and he'd called them in wrong. So played phone tag with my neurologist's office all day, and finally got my neurologist's nurse on the phone and told her what was supposed to be called in, and she's going to take care of that. Good. One less stressor in my life.

On the work front, my team leader is begging me to at least attempt to flip every call. I flipped calls like mad on Tuesday and it paid off - I ended up with 1300 points per hour without any clubs. Yesterday I flipped again and didn't get as many contacts, but did get two clubs and several Gerber transfers, which brought my stats through the roof. For some reason flipping was considerably harder today - no clubs yet - did get one potential Ileads sale, but it declined. That's ok, going to call that girl back next Tuesday when she gets paid. So hoping my stats are still just as strong tomorrow. Still trying to earn some extra money towards Kevin's christmas present, and making pretty good progress with that.

So in all the stress is going down in my life, at least for now . . .