New York Times' Photo Mosaic of Cancer Survivors

For the estimated 12 million cancer survivors in the United States, the biggest hurdles to jump may happen after treatment. The experience with cancer may alter one's perception of life, values, priorities, and even faith. So what new insights does one gain when cancer has changed their entire way of living?

The New York Times online, like My Bridge 4 Life is asking for survivors of cancer to share photos and their most compelling story of life after cancer within a 150 word space. Click here to see this beautiful photo essay:…

My Bridge 4 Life is here for cancer survivors as well: as a creative and emotional outlet that can be shared with your personal network, as a means of gathering advice from those who have had to go through similar experiences and mental / physical / spiritual processes as you, and as a source of comfort and security when unsettling doubts, fears, or hesitations creep in.

So we urge all of you - not just cancer survivors - to write about your experiences in your MB4L blog and to post as frequently as you feel the need in Tips 4 Life so that what your personal experiences (in sickness and in health) can serve to bolster and enlighten others.