NewOrgan Prize & NewOrgan Network Announcement

Great news from Methuselah Foundation! Tomorrow we will publicly announce NewOrgan Prize ( and NewOrgan Network (!

Our newest longevity prize specifically focuses on speeding up the development of replacement tissues and organs for humans.

If you or someone you know needs an organ, please join the NewOrgan Network ( Those in need of replacement organs will have a user-friendly avenue to reach out to friends and family for personal support.

Here’s how the NewOrgan Prize works:

The first research team to construct a whole new complex organ (heart, kidney, liver, lung, pancreas) from a person’s own cells and successfully transplant it will be awarded the NewOrgan Prize. Our goal is to achieve this medical breakthrough within the next 10 years!

We will issue a call to action for competitors, candidates and contributors to participate in this crucial medical challenge aimed at extending health human life.

Based on our success in spurring medical advances with the original Methuselah Mouse prize or Mprize, we anticipate that over $10 million will be raised by the time the NewOrgan Prize criteria is met – and the prize presented – to the leading medical R&D team. We hope that the support and interest of friends like you will help us reach our goal!

A significant award will encourage more research teams to take on the challenge. We strongly encourage you to help us meet the challenge of raising over $10 million for the NewOrgan Prize to come to the rescue for countless individuals in need of organs and for their loved ones.

P.S. Make sure to check out our video ( that explains the new prize! Share it with friends and family.

Dave Gobel

Founder, CEO