Organ Donation: The Myths and Facts

Every sixteen minutes, another name is added to the to the national organ transplant waiting list. That means 90 names in a 24-hour period. 2,700 in a month. 32,400 individuals in desperate need of an organ transplant in a year. Most of these will have to wait months for an organ or may die in the wait. How can we help?

Most people are unsure about donating their organs when they die to help the need. Granted, there are countless misconceptions and doubts to contend with. This article helps answer some very common myths about organ donation. Am I too young to make this decision? Is this against my religion? Would this affect an open-casket funeral? How relevant is age? These are only a few questions addressed in this article.

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We also strongly encourage you to research this topic thoroughly so that you can make the informed choice that may save the lives of others and affect the lives of many more...