Ready, Set, Breast Cancer!

Wow. Last September, I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer, and indeed, my life has changed.

A friend whispered in my ear that I had been "chosen", which is a beautiful way of saying that my life could become more meaningful and blessed.

It is quite true when they say you are living your life, minding your own business, when-pow! I had visited my general prac because of an inverted nipple. I had had no pain or weakness, and later was told the horrid news. A mastectomy later, I transformed into this new body. I am now mid-way finished with chemotherapy, am bald, and preparing for radiation at City of Hope. When I look in the mirror, I see a stranger, and the weight I've dropped (30 lbs) has caused me alarmwith a sudden respect for my body. I had never smoked, rarely drank, and don't have cancer in my family, so the whole ordeal has led me to reevaluate all in my life,and my purpose.

People had recommended that I write a book, but I've decided to blog instead. Many books have helped/educated me along the way, but this was not my calling.

The message I want to get out? GET CHECKED! I had skipped one year of getting checked- why should I if hadn't EXPECTED trouble? Having been diagnosed at age 47, I was fairly young to have gotten breast cancer, and I plan to speak out to as many women as possible.