Scientists find the Mother of all Skin Stem Cells

This is an incredible discovery. This is a stem cell that scientists have discovered, which is, essentially, the mother of all other skin stem cells. The implications for this in regenerative medicine are huge. This stem cell can regenerate every tissue found in skin, including oil glands, sweat glands, hair follicles, etc. Lack of these precious structures in skin is one of many devastating effects of victims who suffer deep burns to large areas of their body. This stem cell has the power to regenerate those epidermal appendages. But the regenerative powers of dermal stem cells, as they are being called, are not just confined to skin; this newly discovered stem cell can regenerate fat, bone, cartilage, and even nerve cells. Scientists hypothesize that dermal stem cells may soon be used for treating neurological disorders and persistent wounds, such as diabetic ulcers.

This is not science fiction. It's science fact. I feel like I've said that before, but with the extraordinary advancements being made in regenerative medicine, I'll probably be saying it over and over again!

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