Right now, I am stuck between diagnosis and treatment. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, but the medication that I was put on isn't really doing the trick. I have a lot of trouble managing my emotions, and through some research, I believe that I may have bi-polar disorder.

If it is true that I have bi-polar disorder, then I am currently in a depressed phase. I slept in until 10:00 am, missing the first two periods of school, and then deciding to just stay home, claiming that I was sick. While I am mentally sick, nobody believes me because it is nothing tangible like a runny nose. When you tell people that you are being treated for depression, most people instantly assume that your life sucks and that you are looking for something to blame it on.

As anyone with depression knows, that is definitely not the case.

It is not any of our faults that we have a chemical imbalance in our brains causing mood swings and uncontrollable emotions.

Right now, I am searching for a reputable psychiatrist in the area who accepts insurance. My family just doesn't have the money at this point to pay for an appointment that can't be at least partially covered by our insurance. Wish me luck.