Surgery Date Set!

Well, finally some form to this crazy diagnosis.
Visited the plastic surgeon today. Did I mention she's
wonderful? and a real, human being?
We were able to set up her schedule with
the breast surgeon and hospital for July 22.


Not really.

But it's good to know there's a point of departure
from this anticipatory purgatory of waiting to find out
when I get to go under and get rid of the several different
types of early cancer that live in my breasts now.

At least it will happen when they've both returned
from vacation, and the appt. is the first one of the day,
at 7 am. That means showing up there at 5 am.
And being finished by probably midday.

This gives me time to get my life a bit more organized
and to also get serious about "training" for surgery.
She took photos of my breast from every angle
imaginable. So possibly she will create a reasonable
facsimile out of what is left behind after the breast
surgeon does her thing.

Ordered a special front zip sports bra as recommended by
plastic surgeon. Both my surgeons are young, smart, beautiful,
and compassionate.

What more can you ask for in a situation like this?

Tomorrow I take the breast surgeon on a test run
with this subareolar disk resection, and besides
this procedure revealing what is under those nipples,
and if they can be saved, it will also promote vascular growth
that, come July 22, will have spread nicely to insure a
better chance at blood supply to the skin remaining
after this upcoming skin-saving, possibly nipple/areola saving mastectomy.