Troops Rally 5

FROM JEFF 08-12-09
Just a couple of notes on the on going saga. Due to Mom's condition, ie, her mental state, her choices for care appear to be limited. I have researched other facilities and the hitch is always Alzhiemers. By all accounts, and I mean 2-3 different takes of which I have no personal experience, her physical therapy will be somewhat limited at the facility where she is. As much as I can piece together, if we, her siblings, would like to see any kind of accelerated physical therapy, we have to be actively involved. I do not know how much each of us can contribute to her daily therapy, so I don't know how this will work. I do know that without improvement, she will remain in a similar facility without ever going home. We need to get together, and I mean Greg, Steve, Jeff, Mike, Eric, and Meredith, as quick as possible, to put together a plan of action. We need to do this Friday evening. Please respond, post haste