Update for My Surgeries

Am having surgery on June 15th, Tuesday. Subareolar disk resection. When I opened a letter from my insurance company that said "partial mastectomy" I freaked out. They will take approx. 2 cm from underneath each nipple to analyze whether they can be saved in the skin/nipple saving BMX that will take place next month. This will also allow for angiogenesis, too: new vascular growth to support the through thte nipple mastectomy & recon. next month. Will let you now how that goes. If they keep taking little bits at a time maybe it won't be such a shock to let these small breasts go.

Still don't have a date for the bi-lat. mastectomies. They offered me June 29 yesterday, but since the BS & PS are both going on vacation a few days later, I don't feel safe being left alone after this major surgery! Especially since my friend Jen won't be available to do hospital / coming home duty then. So I declined, and now it looks like I'm getting bumped to mid-July, after they've returned from their vacations. I requested July 19.

Bought two shirts at a thrift store for post surgery as I had no loose fitting button up tops. They look like new, and are really nice. Currently at the dry-cleaners getting renewed. Maybe now that BC is burning through my bank account, I can find my fashionables at the thrift store like we did in high school.

Walked over to the hospital today where I'll have my BMX. It is two blocks away. Went up to the onc. floor and they had closed a section to convert it into "vip" rooms - so LA - previously birthing rooms, so they are spacious. So then I went to the regular post surg. rooms, checked out the nurses station, and an empty room, trying to visualize waking up there. Flat screen tv! So much work to get a grip on this stuff.

Listening to Bell Ruth Naparstek guided visualizations early each morning - really wonderful. Yesterday I got lost trying to find the horse ranch where I was scheduled to do horse therapy. Luckily was able to rebook for Monday afternoon. I'm certain that spending time with these therapy horses will smooth the way for surgery Tuesday.

So please think of me wrapped in a pink blanket of love Tuesday morning between 9:30 & 11:30. Thanks to all of you who are here for me.

I love you, too!