Women’s Health Services at GHSU

Access the Widest Range of Women’s Health Services in the Area

As a woman, you know that your health depends on much more than just obstetric and gynecological services.

The caregivers at Women’s Health know that as well. Although women have special health needs, they also suffer from many of the same diseases and conditions that affect men. That’s why we have expanded the concept of women’s health to include virtually every medical specialty.

That’s why Women’s Health serves as both a destination and a gateway to our full range of medical services and the largest most diverse team of physicians in the CSRA.
You can access care or enter that gateway through the following services:

Well Woman Care
Gynecological Care and Family Planning
Adolescent GYN
Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Breast Health Program
Bone Health
Infertility/In vitro fertilization
Perimenopause/Menopause Program
Thyroid and Parathyroid Center

Don’t limit your health care options. Call 706-721-CARE (2273) or 800-736-CARE (2273) today to forge a partnership with a physician who understands the complexity of women’s health and encourages wellness in the fullest sense of the word.