• What are Tips4Life?
    Tips4Life is a global database of real world wisdom, and a way for you to get advice from people who have been through what you are facing now. The Tips contributed by you and other members become a part of the Tips4Life library and are immediately made available for others to learn from. If you or anyone you know have overcome a life-threatening challenge, please take a few brief moments and share your wisdom with the people who will be following in your footsteps. Give and receive Tips 4 Your Life today.
  • What is a Bridge Book and how should I use it?
    Once you begin to build your online Bridge Plan, you can print your Bridge Book to help organize, focus and manage your treatment. Your Bridge Book serves as an organizer, a medical journal, a community address book, an empowering scrapbook of the images and mementos that give you strength and inspiration, and a legacy to your journey.
  • What is a Bridge Plan?
    A Bridge Plan is a guided plan that breaks any health challenge down into four easy-to-manage phases: Diagnosis, Treatment, Healing, and Wellbeing. There are specific goals accompanying each phase, which you set along with your community to help you build a wellness plan for life.
  • What is Reimagine Well Community?
    The Reimagine Well Community is an online and offline community tool that takes the overwhelming nature of a major health crisis; divides it into manageable phases; sets goals for each phase with each user and their community; AND builds a wellness plan for life in the process.
  • Who developed Reimagine Well Community?
    The Reimagine Well Community was developed by its founder Roger Holzberg, former Disney Imagineer and award-winning creative director. He is 10+ years cancer-free, having created the survivorship program on which the Reimagine Well Community is based. The Reimagine Well Community team has mentored a broad cross section of patients and supporters through a wide variety of health crises. On his experience being diagnosed with cancer, Roger says: "There is no way to describe the feeling of sitting across the desk from a physician who says the words "you have cancer." Though I valued the advice of my medical professionals, I also wanted was to hear what had ALREADY worked for people just like me."
  • What are the Phases, and when do they begin and end?
    DIAGNOSIS is the first phase of your health journey and the chronicle of that journey is your Bridge Plan. This phase ends when the decision is made on the first path of action (or treatment).
    TREATMENT is the second phase, ending with the completion of the initial path of action (or treatment). You are moving forward, be sure to continue documenting your journey in your Bridge Plan.
    HEALING begins when you set (3) goals, then share and validate those goals and your target completion date with your community. You have gained wisdom to get here; be sure to share you Tips 4 Life with those following in your footsteps.
    WELLBEING begins when you achieve your three goals. You have reached a major milestone. It is time to set another round of goals that you will also share with your community. This process will be the foundation of your lifelong plan for Wellbeing. And don’t forget to celebrate!