Hello, world!

Well, this is my first blog post as part of the MB4L community. I suppose I should introduce myself with a tad more detail. I work with two remarkable people, Roger Holzberg and Jocelyn Harrison, doing what little bit I can to help spread the word about this *incredible* tool: My Bridge 4 Life. I'm hugely grateful to have crossed paths with these wonderful individuals. I'm learning so much in so many ways. Hehe, I'm even learning to be more organized, thanks to Jocelyn — and that's something I thought was pretty much hopeless! ; )

I would also be remiss if I didn't say how thankful I am for the health I currently enjoy on a daily basis. I had my share of health issues as a child, and that has shown me how fragile and complex, yet unspeakably beautiful, the biology of the human body is.

I'm truly excited to have access to the wealth of real world information available in "my tips 4 life." I plan to use them for my own good as well as share any and all useful tips with friends and family. Actually, thanks to Jocelyn's tip on Vitamin D as cancer prevention (and prevention for all kinds of stuff, even the flu), I and my boyfriend are taking it daily!!!

Here's to a new community centered around well being!