Organ Replacement

Dear community, this is my first blog post at MF MB4L. As some of you might have seen I donated $ 1000 to the MLife Sciences fund to support the Regenerative Medicine company Organovo Inc.

I have always wanted to contribute to organ replacement since it for a long time have been a concern to me. I know about people at my own age that need a second heart transplant because immune rejection or simply because donor organs don't last as long as ordinary compatible ones. Many also have to go through several surgeries because there's no organ available at that time. With a perfect organ supply model it would have been enough with a single surgery. There's a death every thirty second from organ failure. There are 105.137 Americans on the waiting list for donor organs, and if they are fortunate enough to find one, they will face a lifetime of treatment to suppress their immune systems to prevent rejection. he unmet human need is staggering and the cost to America for current treatments - there are no cures - has reached $100 billion a year according to a recent U.S. government report.

There's also another interesting company within the field of Regenerative Medicine working towards sollve this problem of supply-demand. Tengion:

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